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What really inspires me is feeling like there is something you IMPROVE ON. I’m a rare mix of 50 % rational, cognitive and 50% intuitive, empath. Devoted to finding my soul purpose from an early age, I’ve spent many hours and invested a significant amount of money finding ways to transcend difficult situations and emerge stronger and more empowered. I’ve found personally and professionally the best solutions are positive, holistic, inspirational and practical ones.

2017 was a deeply transformational year for me. I completed my Reiki Master Teacher– Master Level of the Usui-Tibetan System of Natural Healing on the 5th of September, 2017, Balian Beach, near Tabanan, Bali with renown Reiki teacher, Alison Eaton.
And I also was gifted with the incredible opportunity to receive my Akashic Records Soul History Level 2  training in healing, transformation and manifestation using the quantum energy of the Akashic Records, one-to-one with Chris Wilson, author The Magic of the Akashic Records: Understanding Our Soul History.
The Akashic Records are a spiritual tool that contains the soul history record of your life on earth. Some people describe the Akashic Records as, ‘energetic connective tissue’. It is powerful transformational energy which when channeled yields rapid transformational results.
Mining your Akashic records will reveal hidden strengths and treasures and make sense of past hurts so that you are able to come to your fullest potential.
I first discovered the Akashic records while researching my historical novel Mona Lisa’s Secret. I know personally and professionally how powerful it is and I am excited to be sharing this truly transformational and life-changing experience with you.


How will this reading help you?

  • Provide added confidence and direction
  • Clear energy blocks and accelerate your ability to achieve your fullest potential
  • Enable you to claim your power
  • Discover your soul path
  • Take your life from ordinary to extraordinary…..amongst many other wonderful things
“While I had a tiny bit of knowledge about Akashic readings I was unaware of how deep this experience would be and how accurate the information would be. The whole reading was profoundly comforting as I felt during it, and have continued to feel, a sense of ‘coming home’ to myself. It makes sense of so many aspects about myself in the here and now and explains so much about me and my past 60 years. I woke this morning with a feeling of wholeness not experienced before and I am looking at my life with a whole new awareness. A wonderful experience, thank you so much.”
~ Catherine S.
One week after her reading, this is what my client said:
“I have been buzzing the whole time as well, mostly I feel so different, I wake up thinking differently, I find myself just ‘being’ with people and finding my reactions so different. I am excited to be in the world, I have so much more energy…I realise there are many more questions I want to ask Cassandra, but maybe they are questions I need to be asking myself – this clarity of who I am, and have always been, makes sense of so much about me.”

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