“I’ve read a lot of advice but your advice is philosophically superior – you understand people.”

~ Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan, Former Minister of Parliament, New Zealand


“You make it easy for us to give people a feeling of being valued, and help us to unleash some of their latent potential. In the long term, we gain rejuvenated and motivated employees who are playing with the whole racket.”

~ Terry McCaul, Executive Director HR, Statistics New Zealand

“For a number of years, I having been driven to humanise prisons. Rimutaka Pride is my vision to achieve this and in my own mind, I knew exactly what it looked like. Cassandra was able to coach me through the process of having a personal vision, to communicating and implementing the changes needed to make my vision the prisons vision. Cassandra achieved this by coaching me through a number of different decision-making frameworks, the most comfortable (for me) of which was Beckhards change equation. Without Cassandras support and encouragement, my ability to lead the changes needed would have been severely affected. I am now able to link my personal goals and values with the strategic goals of the Department and this has created a win-win work environment.

The work that Cassandra has completed on both L5 and PCO level staff in the general competencies such as listening skills, confronting direct reports and motivating others has been invaluable and has enabled this site to step up to the changing environment. We are going to be facing a lot of change in the New Year and this site is not only ready but is welcoming of that change.

Finally, Cassandra has encouraged us to speak out about our successes. This may not seem that big a deal, but Rimutaka Prison gained a reputation a number of years ago that rocked its confidence and the site is very weary of sticking its hand up in the fear that it will draw negative attention. There are some who will always seek out the negative and I have already received some negative comments about some of the initiatives we are trying to implement, mainly because they challenge existing thinking and this can make people feel threatened. Cassandra has given us the strength to stand up to criticism and to emphasise the positive. Something we are getting very good at.”

~  Richard Symonds, Former Prison Manager, Rimutaka Prison


“Cassandra has been great to work with. She’s flexible in her approach, but also keeps the coaching sessions focused and productive. I was unsure about having the coaching via Skype, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. I still feel a strong sense of immediacy and connection and come away from our sessions feeling energised and empowered.”

~ Jan, Communications Professional


“Cassandra’s natural warmth and empathy enables her to establish client trust very quickly and her core counselling skills (listening, reflecting, paraphrasing and summarising) are highly developed. Her questioning and facilitation skills reveal great perception, insight and self-awareness and empowers the client to reach a successful outcome. Cassandra has a great love people and is committed to helping others overcome adversity and positively move forward in their lives. She does so with compassion, hope and professionalism.”

~ Clive Wilson, Life & Workplace Coach/EAP Support Provider


“I got a lot of value from the coaching session, and, by cutting the travel time out,  it is also very economical on time.”

~ Melanie, 62.


“Thank YOU!  Our coaching was immensely helpful, and I have renewed hope for finding my way.  You are simply lovely, and brilliant, and wise.  So glad our energies aligned and I found you! I am also so enjoying your books and will give more feedback as I go as well as post reviews online.  And they will be GLOWING, I can assure you!”

~ Lisa Webb, artist, New York


“Cassandra has been great to work with. She’s flexible in her approach, but also keeps the coaching sessions focused and productive. I was unsure about having the coaching via Skype, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. I still feel a strong sense of immediacy and connection and come away from our sessions feeling energized and empowered.”

~ Jan, communications professional, New Zealand


“A coaching session with Cassandra is like a light switch to a light bulb. My ideas were there but without that light switch I wasn’t able to see them and manifest my dream of running a holistic business from home. Straight away, Cassandra was able to get to the heart of my core values and how to put them into a dream business. I now have the sense of purpose and drive to achieve my business goals. Cassandra’s warm personality and positive approach make her a joy to work with. I recommend her to anyone who wants to unlock their personal and professional potential.”

~ Shelley, writer & Reiki practitioner, New Zealand


“While I had a tiny bit of knowledge about Akashic readings I was unaware of how deep this experience would be and how accurate the information would be. The whole reading was profoundly comforting as I felt during it, and have continued to feel, a sense of ‘coming home’ to myself. It makes sense of so many aspects about myself in the here and now and explains so much about me and my past 60 years. I woke this morning with a feeling of wholeness not experienced before and I am looking at my life with a whole new awareness. A wonderful experience, thank you so much.”

~ Catherine S.

“I have been buzzing the whole time after my Soul Reading, mostly I feel so different, I wake up thinking differently, I find myself just ‘being’ with people and finding my reactions so different. I have so much more energy. I am excited to be in the world.”

~ Eileen S.


“It was the first day at work today and I loved it! So good to be back in the industry 🙂 I read my husband out my Akashic Soul Reading reading, he didn’t say much—just what did I think of it. I told him I thought on the mark! It’s been a pretty crazy period in my life. It’s nice having time out from overthinking to be actually doing. As a result of the reading, I’ve experienced a movement of energy and am inspired again, finally!”

~ Terri D.


“Thanks so much for the reading.   I found it very interesting.   One of the things I thought after I sent you my questions was “aaargh”, I should have asked about my real passion: property and what I can look forward to there” but it seems I didn’t need to ask as you hit on to that straight away.”

~ Lisa V.


  • please note, some names have been changed to protect privacy – however, the feedback is genuine.


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